About us on english

Metelitsa today is a young team not only continuing the work on all traditional dimensions (please see the structure of our organization below), but having started a number of new, though at the same time absolutely logic, projects. For example, seeming strange from the first sight projects, such as PARACLIMBING, "FIRST STEP", and «FIRST STEP AT OLENIY" are in fact continuing the Metelitsa Sport and Scientific Work.

All our current operations are based on the psychological, physical and medical and sports training programs developed during the Metelitsa high-latitude expeditions

Donation to the Centre
All our work is free for the children and their parents, so we need your reasonable assistance:
1. Yandex Wallet - 410011746886975

2. Payment card - 5106 2140 0063 2959

3. Bank Account 40703810238000004544 – To PAO Sberbank
Correspondence Account 3010181040000000000225 To the Central Bank of the Russian Federation Main Branch for the Central Federal District
RCBIC 044525225

Receiver: МПЭСЦМ

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